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My name is Edwin Koerhuis. I live in Noord Holland and have a family with two children and a wife.
My hobbies are photography and Formula 1.
I have been working at Zwart Techniek in IJmuiden since June 2018. Previously, I worked for ENGIE for 31 years (previously GTI / GTI-GROUP / Cofely). Look for this on the page link left "Zwart Techniek".
With regard to Photography, I am actively taking photos of the eldest daughter who regularly has dance performances from the Arts Center.
I can therefore be found on almost every performance to take pictures. I don't care where it's held.
The most common accommodations are theaters, sports halls or at outdoor or indoor events.
They also participate in national competitions.
In this website I would like to take you along in some of my photos that I place on my own server.
These are therefore largely only accessible with a password because of the GDPR legislation.
The members of the dance group therefore only have access to their photos with a valid password. This allows them to download and use their desired photos themselves.
Photos that I take during workshops or equivalent events are usually free to view but not downloadable.
On the right side of this site you can go to the Photography site, or click here to go directly to the site.
Edwin Koerhuis
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Publication date: 2020-03-20

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